Tuesday, March 31, 2009

adventures with mom

mother enlisted my help with making cookies for trent's eagle project tonight. i obliged and she assigned me some weird chocolate cookies. i dived into the project and within a half hour i was done. i looked at the recepie and it projected about 4 dozen cookies, i scoffed and said 4 dozen?? try 2. AT MOST. and then i went on my jolly way downstairs. i'd made a dastardly mistake as it turns out, i left big red upstairs. i went back up to retrieve him and i noticed two little brown balls of chocolate cookie dough. i said, mom? did you mess with my....and then i noticed the suspiciously smaller cookie lumps on the sheet. mother laughed and laughed and i informed her i was never going to make cookies with her again as i obviously couldn't do it right the first time. she turned around and i promptly attacked her blonde brownies with my only weapon, my two index fingers. she turned back around and i said i'll be downstairs if you need me! as i trotted away, i hear mom saying who put all these holes in this? it looks ridiculous! i said xena! and ran the rest of the way down the stairs.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puddletown Galore

these pictures say more than 8000 words.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love tags, personality tests, anything about me really.

--> Spell your name without vowels: brk
--> What is the date 2 days after your birthday?: Oct. 6th
--> How many pairs of jeans do you own?: Well las time a counted, 23. but i know i've boughten some since then. so i'm gonna go with 25?
--> How many are designer?: designer jeans are for rich people who hate themselves.
--> What color do you wear most?: i honestly could not say. maybe gray. i like gray.
--> Least favorite color?: stomach acid color
--> Last song heard on the radio?: live your life. by t.i. i had a ride take me to school ok!
--> What's for dinner tonite?: some stolen fries from my tables food, if i can risk it.
--> Are you happy with your life right now?: confused mostly.
--> Tell me a secret about one of your siblings: trent hates playing the piano. oh wait, that's not a secret!
--> Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?: uma thurman. mostly when i had black hair with straight across bangs, but uma thurman none the less.
--> Who did you last call on your cell phone?: Jamie! we were solidifying plans for the weekend.
--> Do you own a..
- PS2?: no.
- XBOX 360?: my family does?
- PSP?: no.
- SIDEKICK?: no way jose! i have to text in class, i can't be luggin that thing around.
- DIGITAL CAMERA?: no. but i asked for one for christmas. it just wasn't meant to be.
--> Do you shop at stores like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, or Aeropostale?: i would rather shoot myself in the face.
--> How do you make money?: i'm a server. sometimes i can talk mom into splitting things half and half with me, i'm gonna count that. mom's a hard woman to crack.
--> Last thing you bought over 50 dollars?: my application fee to PSU was exactly 50. other than that, my water filter plus new filters i guess.
--> Are you missing someone right now?: my nephews. and my niece. and all my family in Puddletown.
--> Finish this sentence. I wish: i had money for school.
--> One word to describe you: awesome?
--> Favorite pair of shoes: my vans. the white ones. i wear those to work, and last night they totally ripped up the front. saddest moment of my life.
-->Who is the first person in your Blog Links List?: Alyssa Findlay.
--> What would you rather be doing right now?: eating. i'm starving! barbie lunches are just not cutting it mother.
--> What should you be doing right now?: my dumb homework.
--> Have you kissed your significant other lately?: relationships are for suckers. until i meet someone really, really hot i will continue to think so.
--> Last IM you recieved?: screw IMing
--> Last text message you recieved? from erik, about lunch.
--> Who did you hug today?: my mom. i think my dad. big red, constantly.
--> What are you going to do now?: my dumb homework.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bigger Green

Brooke Catherine Harrison proudly announces a new addition to her family, Bigger Green. Don't worry, the official engraving initiatory process soon to follow.

Monday, March 2, 2009

are you serious??

i had a seinfeld episode happen to me today-it was crazy town.
most of you know i have a large water bottle, big red. i take him wherever i go and i love him dearly. there is just one drawback, i'm in the bathroom..oh basically constantly. (my health is worth it!)
so here i am sitting on the toilet in the ladies gym, when i look to the right of me-your left-and there is no toilet paper. and there was no one in the stalls to the right or left. as i contemplate my fate a girl (or i assume so) walks into the stall next to me. i exhale audibly and say,"phew! there's no toilet paper in this stall, could you give me some?" no answer. so i voiced my query once more. again, nothing. the situation called for drastic measures. i stuck my hand under the stall and asked yet again, this time gesticulating with my hand. she doesn't utter a word. i had to scuttle to the next stall.