Sunday, June 19, 2011

Belly Buddies

Another work story?? (It's all I know)

A great thing transpired at work. A very great thing. I found a kindred spirit, a best friend of sorts, a belly buddy.
A large container of Jelly Belly's had been brought into the office, and the coworkers and I had been munching on them for weeks. We dreaded the day that we would enter the space with hopeful hearts and dreams of sugar beans dancing in our eyes only to find an empty container, and to experience the hollow thud that follows after a disappointed hand drops the canister to the floor. That day did come, although it seemed too soon, they were too young to go, and we were too young to understand their sudden disappearance.
On that day about two handfuls of belly's were left in the container, and I happened be chatting with a coworker as I held the plastic up to my critical eye, assessing the situation. I poured myself a handful, and poured the coworker a handful--we looked at each other and my eyes narrowed as I stated, "I will if you do" .
And at the same moment, we tipped our heads back, and poured the contents of our hands into our mouths.
I had never been so proud of him (as he constantly declines even one Belly, as they are "too sweet")
It was as though there was a fruit medley playing harmonious rhythms of fructose in my mouth.