Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'll choose what my quirks are thank you very much.

this picture is an ode to my egomaniacal self.

let's dive right into it:
quirk number one: my love of twilight. kidding matt, kidding.
real quirk number one: my home body nature. somewhere in between all the groundings the parents have instilled in me a love of being in my house. on weekends, right after school, doesn't matter i like being at home. now don't misunderstand me, i like being home ALONE. none of this bringing friends over business.
quirk number two: dancing like a black person. gender non-restrictive, i can (or so i like to think) get down.
quirk number three: thus far the quirks i've mentioned have been cute and relatable. this one might turn the tables. i have a tendency to push jokes a little too far. it's all fun and games in the beginning, then suddenly i think it's funny to make racist comments, fat jokes, violent gags, or sexually natured cracks. (andy from the office ringing a bell? yeah, that's me.) oh yes they are laughable, very laughable. but highly inappropriate.
quirk number four: i have the ability to remember the words from any song i've ever heard. yes i was voted senior most likely to not know what happened last night, but ask me for the lyrics to that obscure song back when i was seven? i've got you covered.
quirk number five for some reason i was blessed with the gene to eat like crazy with no consequences. the last time i excercised, it was running from the front yard to the back and i had to catch my breath for a couple minutes. now you might think i'm lying, but let me tell you what i ate yesterday. 5 blueberry muffins (breakfast), 1.5 liters of water, one potato complete with cheese, sour cream, butter, pretzel sticks, an apple, one capri sun, nutty bar (lunch), sweet potato, pork chops, broccoli, one pear (dinner), popcorn with a whole cube of butter, 6-7 cherry turn overs, one whole more than king size chocolate bar, 2 glasses milk, banana (various snacks throughout the day.) i weigh a healthy 100
quirk number six: now this one might just be a harrison thing, but i have a massive ego. i hide it quite well i might add, but it's in there alright. i catch myself looking at any reflective surface (mirrors, plexi glass, spoons, windows, cds, my cell phone camera, the back of my iPod) and making comments like, "dang girl." and "looking good, very good." i make special trips to the bathroom just to look at myself. and that's just the beginning. i think i'm the most talented, the best dressed, the smartest, and the coolest thing. EVER.

i'm not following the dumb rules, i'm just tagging kim because having a baby is not as taxing as to not be able to blog once in a while. love you sister!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nerd Fest.

yes, i went to the midnight premiere of twilight. i had to!! i bought an edward shirt, and wore it to school that day. i also went to a school dance on saturday and i even bought my date a jacob shirt. needless to say, twilight was AWESOME. i am in love with edward. yes i am like every other girl even though i've strived my whole life to be different, this is one thing i can't deny. he is beautiful.
p.s., fun little side note. the girl that isn't kiley or me, that is a teacher at my school.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Life Outside Work.

So Hillcrest has this dance, husky howl. It's girl's choice and i wasn't planning on going. eventually, my friends talked me into it. but that was two days before the actual dance, and choices were limited. i ended up taking this fellow-Gavin. But i had to look real good because he was related to this guy that i had previous dealings with. i picked him up, the date went well, but then i got the pictures at school. Everything i had carefully planned was a COMPLETE FAILURE. i do not look good in these pictures, and i have to give them to my date who will obviously be showing them to other people that i really do not want to mention. that whole family is going to remember me as an ugly person!! which we all know to be untrue.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

just listen, no talking necessary.

i know everyone is getting sick of my joe stories, but this one might win the cake. Unfortunately i had to work on halloween, and i went as betty boop. now granted, i didn't look exactly like her but people kept asking me over and over again who i was! so i adapted a little system where i would lift my skirt (just a little, i swear) revealing a garter and do the boo boo be do in the high voice and everything. well i was helping a to go customer, and he said is it 89? it's 89 right. obviously he was referring to my costume. i giggled and said no...and and performed my little bit. i was met with a blank stare, until the guy said no it's 89 dollars, right? i was so embarrassed i had to have someone else finish the order.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

bad habit central.

recently i've started doing these little yelps everytime i slip or get hurt or am just the slightest bit in surprise. it's super annoying to myself, and i'm sure to others. just a little side note.