Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Man on the Max

I would like to preface this story with where I am right now:
I'm at my school's library, typing because I have a 5 hour break between classes, but that is not the humorous part, don't worry. My school has these weird, tall computers on only one row of the lab. (they are set up on high counters) but then they have these short chairs for them. Every one on this row has opted to stand except for me, and I'm sitting ram-rod straight, my head is the heighth of the keyboard, I could literally just kiss to use the spacebar. Actually the guy next to me just looked over and laughed at me, but now he's sitting down so i guess comfort always eventually wins out. (not that this is particularly comfortable)\
so back to the story. I rode the Max (it's sorta like trax, but way better because i live in portland? so...) into work, and it was pretty jam-packed. there was an older gentleman sitting, with a chair open next to him, but he had placed his bag on it. now in my non-verbal communication class we have learned that this gesture would suggest, "give me some room" and society was listening. well, i don't always follow expectations. i marched right over to the empty seat and waited until he moved the bag. (not in a rude way, can you even imagine me rude? please!) so now this man has several things precariously perched on his lap. He was fumbling around for something, and i asked politely, "would you like me to hold something for you?" little did i know that this would invite a barrage of conversation to follow, which i would just have to type up in my blog later. he declined, continued fumbling, pulled out a new pack of gum and offered me a piece. I also declined, but he insisted and even went as far to say, "take two! you are going to fall in love with this gum, you'll need one for emergencies." i laughed jovially and took two pieces. People had started staring at us, lauging in the corner like old friends, over a piece of gum. (jealous stares, mind you)
we started talking, and i really did learn a lot about him, by the way, i'm pretty sure everyone has some weird connection to mormons, we're taking over the world.
at the end of the ride, he asked me to help him find a certain store, we exited the Max together, I pointed him in the right direction, and we parted ways. But not before he snuck in a hug. A hug!! He hugged me!
I guess people don't only think they can say whatever they want to me (just the other day a man in the mall came up to me and started talking about hospital food, and how you have to be careful about how many beans you put in your burrito, because they weigh the food at the end of the line, and that can really jack up the price. I nodded in agreement, and said "that's the WORST" knowingly) but they can apparently touch me now, too.
I actually kinda liked it, he was just some nice guy, making my life a little better.