Thursday, April 30, 2009

the food eaters dilemma

it has come to my attention that it is not just lunch workers who give me free food. it is the general populace. a girl i know stopped me in the parking lot of my school and asked if i wanted to try some dip and bread from her work. she was currently eating it. i willingly tried some and by the end of our conversation she said, you can have the rest! half the dip and half the bread still remained. i asked her if she was sure, and she energetically replied that she was. as i type this i am eating the stuff. and it's good...should i not have taken it? also, another lunch time at my school i took an expedition to a friend's house and ended up with a mostly full box of corn pops. it lasted me for days. when i returned to the said house maybe a week later, a new box of corn pops had replaced the one i had received from my friend. apparently her parents weren't as keen on the "give brooke a whole box of cereal" as their daughter was.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

powers of persuasion? or personal appearance? you decide.

the place, the lunch room at hillcrest. the time, lunchtime. the players? yours truly. so i was in the lunchroom in line for lunch with my friend, Kiley. as we were checking out there was a rag folded neatly in front of the til. i asked the lady what it was for, and she said the milk is always wet so it is there to place your carton on it to dry it off. i chuckled and said you are so smart! and the lunch lady said she knew this already. i leaned in conspiratorially, and said smart enough to get me free lunch?? she just laughed and i laughed, and Kiley laughed. and that was that. or so it seemed: later she came up to me as i was sitting on a lunch table and she handed me a cookie! she said you're too skinny!
and this wasn't my first jaunt with a lunch employee. once a lunch man gave me a free apple.

Saturday, April 4, 2009