Friday, January 8, 2010

I make every job fun!

i'm all grown up, with a real job and everything!
but don't worry, this job can't change who i am, i wouldn't let it!
case in point:
i was hurry hurrying to work, in the rain.
the little red hand was flashing: stop. stop. stop.
i had a small debate in my hand.
i continued across the street.
i was about 1/3 the way across the street,
the heel of my shoe got stuck in between two bricks
my momentum (i was practically running) propelled my foot out of the shoe
and onto the cold, wet street, at LEAST two steps.
i screamed: ahh! i lost my shoe! and turned around to pry it out of the ground.
bear in mind that i wasn't even supposed to be crossing the street!
cars were laughing at me, blatantly.