Sunday, July 26, 2009

old, new. borrowed, blue--or just a lot of new things

moving out is hard, so to help myself cope i've gotten some new things. are you even ready for this?

The Jag. I cried tears when I got this baby-and I do not cry.

Jack "the piglet" White. Even though he died on me the VERY FIRST DAY I GOT HIM, 200 dollars and some stress wrinkles later, he got me all the way to Portland!

Speaking of which, Portland. My new city.

Someone has to help pay rent.

Our new apartment. It's like living in fairyland, only better, because I'm the fairy.

AlumiBuddy. Oh, little AlumiBuddy.

It was a good deal!

The Memoir.

Wait for it....

Oh, it's an 8mp camera too. It's not a big deal.