Saturday, January 17, 2009

quick little note

ok, so mom calls me up from the basement, and says she needs help. she even offered me a ferre roche if i did it, so i did it. abby ate all mine, i wanted it! it wasn't til the treat was popped in my mouth, chewed and swallowed that mom tells me she found it in the bunk bed upstairs. if i die, i blame her.

Pone War

It all started when we ran out of pens in the back. i was at work, it was a busy friday night, and i had one pen in my apron. so when one of my tables said they were ready for their check i started freaking out a little (inside of course, i would never lose my composure at work) so i snuck sneakily to the front-the hostess' territory. Now they had two pens, both with labels on them saying hostess' pen, or lori's pen. i grabbed the nearest one (lori's), ripped the tape off, stuck it in my credit card thing, and walked swiftly away. Of course i was making small talk with the hostess' the whole time. halfway to my table i hear a gasp and a "she took our pen!" and i laughed and laughed! little did i know what they were capable of.
ten minutes later i was in the back, keep in mind i had already given the pen back, when i noticed my phone was missing. i don't keep it on me, as it is a distraction while i'm trying to talk to my tables. i started asking around, making sure i asked the cooks who think it is hilarious to steal it and text people. no one had seen it, and i even asked my manager if he took it-much to his offense. when i heard a muttered whisper behind me. kaitlin, a fellow server said, "brooke, the hostess' have it, they told me!" and that's when the pone war started.
i stalked right over to cheyanne (a hostess) and asked her if i could borrow her phone to call mine, she gave it up all to easily and i gave it to maegan another server who they would never suspect. we took all kinds of pictures on it, and eventually i sent maegan as a diplomat to switch phones. she told them of our offer, and they refused! the nerve! so she grabbed another taped pen and ran away! sides were forming quickly, and frantic searches were beginning to find the phones. we hid hers (aliscia's idea) in the straws. lori came into the back and as she walked away i called her name-lori! you forgot this! (the menus, she is the queen of telling people what to do, yet hates it when we do the same to her). finally i called a truce and told cheyanne the general vicinity of where her phone was. she told me mine, and aliscia basically turned traitor and told her where it was. while i found out mine was LOCKED IN A LOCKER. at the end of the night i told her i wouldn't check out until she gave it to me, and she said ok ok i took it out of the locker, we'll play hot and cold. their little game led me to the garbage can where i shifted through all the paper and wetness getting more angry each minute. i had bare hands! even chris looked through it, (a cook) and no phone showed up. they had lied! lied to see me suffer! then i was really angry. randi, an old server came in and i talked to her for like 15 minutes, and when i turned around--they had checked me out! the manager gave them permission, and although i can appreciate the humor, they were winning the war. eventually they gave up the phone, it had to be one of the funnest nights at work that i can remember.