Friday, June 12, 2009

dine and dash

another serving adventure:
it was almost closing time(5 minutes to 9), and i was raring to go. everything was cleaned, my sidework was done, all that was left to do was count my money and run like heck.
then, the table walked in. and asked to be sat. it was my turn.
i sat them a little begrudgingly, and told them i would return in a few minutes to receive their order.
as soon as i walked into the back i started ranting and raving about how rude it was to come in before close, asking me to just stop my whole life (and plans) for them. and i really was pretty mad.
later i returned to the table with their drinks and food, very graciously i might add, the only man at the table (obviously the one who would be paying) asked me if i would like to deliver their check right now, in case i had plans. my mind: red alert, red alert, they heard you talking about them! quick, think of something!
i just chuckled and said oh no! what're you talking about? i'm here for you...i don't have anywhere to be! his reply: are you sure? my rebuttle:oh yes, yes. and i hightailed it to the back. five minutes later i sheepishly asked how they were doing, and if there was anything i could do? the man was ready for me: actually, yes. could you bring the check? we forgot we have to be somewhere...
slick old man, very slick.
they left me a twenty percent tip. he wins this battle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

brooke, the dog.

i went swimming at my friend's house earlier, and it just so happens that her black lab is named brooke. what. the. heck. that is a human name. she kept calling her and whistling for her and i kept looking over at her, just to have her say i was talking to the dog. and once i caught her snapping and whistling at me--and she promptly said, i got confused.