Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blooke Reigns Supreme

I'm on a path of self discovery.
This weekend has been full of finding out things about myself i never knew before-mostly with the help of Jamie and Brad. First: I'm a story re-teller. It's quite embarrassing really. Finding yourself repeating the same lines over and over and even more embarrassing to the same people! Second: I don't chew my food. I'm in such a hurry to get the nutrients to my stomach (I look out for my body) i only chew once or twice before i swallow. For a long time I thought I was allergic to bread because it hurt when i swallowed, but now I realize I'm just not chewing thoroughly. Third: I have a passion for the guitar. I'm taking a guitar class at school, and now I want to be really good. I even went out and bought my own guitar book! I practice every day. And Lastly: I'm a badminton queen. We played with the family on Sunday, the results are as follows:
Renee' and Brooke vs. Jamie and Brad. Renee' and Brooke are victorious
Brooke and Lance vs. Tracy and Marc. Brooke and Lance are victorious
Blaire and Brooke vs. Lance and Renee'. Blaire and Brooke (or Blooke as we deemed ourselves) are victorious. The trick is letting your instincts and reflexes take over. I owned that court.