Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thoughts on Graduate School

It has come to my attention (once again)
That I haven't been writing enough my friends

Creativity used to flow
"I've GOT to blog this!" and to the computer I'd go

But recently, within the past few years
I've lost my passions and replaced them with fears

School this, school that, and start your dissertation this summer!
I'll I want to do is lay in the sun, and slumber

I want to think, share my ideas, and dream
I want to love and laugh, cook with cream

But all is lost in the therapy room
I take on others' emotions, and mine turn to doom

What if I quit, just stopped one day
What would I do to replace my time, my bills, who would pay?

There's got to be a way to marry the two
To feel like I am doing something for me, not you

I love people! That's why I got here at all
I didn't know I'd feel lost, questioning the long haul

I should be doing something else, more of an entertainer
But it's true, I am confused. God, I'm such a complainer

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